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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I've been SO busy lately - - interviewing for and getting a new job and adjusting to that, plus finding a new place to live... it has been H-E-C-T-I-C. The good news is that there is a comic shop just a few blocks from where I'll be working, so you can't go wrong there!

Nonetheless, I have FINALLY gotten around to buying JL:GL 6 and 7, BG35, and Time Masters 1. After reading, TM1 will go into my frame that includes BG V1 #1, V2 #1, and JLGL #1. Nothing but the best for Buster. Booster.

Just wanted to mention about JL:GL 6 - HOLY CRAP. Way to up the ante! This is a grand-scale context that the story needs, and Power Girl was especially disturbing. So many more questions to ask after that.

Sometimes stories like in 6 can be frustrating and lead to what I call the Dragon Ball Z effect. See, my brother LOVED that show, but I never saw the appeal. I watched with him one day as two characters were "powering up" for battle. The entire episode consisted of their thoughts and flashbacks and by the end, neither of them moved a muscle. Other times, the stories can really reveal key information and make it worthwhile, and today's was definitely that.

But didn't Captain Atom blow up a second time in this story arc? I can't recall, but I'm pretty sure. I wonder if we'll get more flash back/forward things. I'm so intrigued and VERY pleased with the direction of this story.

Anyway, reading 7 now and will be on to the others soon.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


First, I will be doing my review of JL:GL 5 tomorrow. Since we now have 4 Booster issues a month for the next little while, I'll be planning on one a week. For now, that means I'll put off JL:GL. Who knows for the future?

In other news, as someone who is doing reviews, this caught my eye.

The Nostalgia Critic recently did a review of the truly terrible movie "The Room." The production company of The Room's director, Tommy Wiseau, forced him to take it down by threatening legal action.

Except that reviews are protected under fair use guidelines. It isn't a violation of copyright. It is patently ridiculous. If anything, the Nostalgia Critic is helping him - he encouraged people to check out the film at the end of his review!

This is Tommy Wiseau's Facebook page. Let him have it.

Also, is the e-mail for the production company. The guy's name there is John.